Deepavali/Diwali 2017 Totke For Money and Prosperity

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Diwali 2017 is most awaited festival throughout all year. It is celebrated with happiness across India. People worship Goddess Lakshmi for wealth and prosperity. There is a belief that Devi Laxmi visits their devotee’s house to bless them with happiness and wealth. We are giving you some easy remedies or totkas which you can easily do on Diwali for success and for any financial problems.



1. After Laxmi puja at Diwali2017 blow conch and bell in each room of our house, this easy totka remove all negative energy from your house.


2. Light an oil lamp on Diwali2017 and put one clove in it and worship Lord Hanuman. To seek blessings of Lord Hanuman you can also visit the nearest Hanuman temple of your house and do the same.


3. On the day of Diwali go to Shiv Mandir or Lord Shiva temple early morning and offer akshat to the Lord. By doing this simple totka you will never face any wealth related problems. Remember, that rice shouldn’t be half.


4. During worship of Mahalaxmi on Diwali2017 night put Pili kodiya in the puja. This will help to impress goddess Laxmi. And you will never ever get any wealth-related issues.


5. Put pure and raw turmeric in Diwali puja, after the worship of Goddess Laxmi place the turmeric where u will keep your money.


6. On Diwali2017 morning you must buy a new broom, clean your house with that broom only. And, remember always hide your broom when it is not in use.


7. Donate a broom on the day of Diwali in any temple. If there is a Mahalaxmi temple near your house then you can also donate rose infuse incense sticks for her blessings.


8. During Lakshmi, Puja you can also worship your wealth related items such as Laptop, accounts, etc.


9. Worship Shree Yantra or Sri Yantra during Diwali2017 puja, offer dhoop-deep.


10. On the entrance of your house draw swastika with kumkum and write SHUBH-LABH on the both sides of the main entrance.


11. If you have a Tulsi Plant in your house, then worship Tulsi in the evening and light an earthen oil lamp and offer cloth to the Tulsi.


12. On the day of Deepawali, buy a saftik Shree Yantra and drape the Sri Yantra in a red cloth and keep inside the locker. By doing this easy totka you will never face any wealth related problems.


13. For more wealth, place the red cloth in the locker and you can also place an image of Goddess Laxmi in Sitting Posture.


14. Place 3 Gomati Chakra, 3 Pili Kodiya and 3 Raw Turmeric during Laxmi Puja. After worshiped Laxmi place all these things in a yellow cloth and keep it inside the locker. It helps in increasing your wealth.

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