Diwali Diyas – Diwali Diya Decoration Ideas

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Diwali Diyas – Diwali Diya Decoration Ideas




This Diwali, try not to buy useless electrical lamps and spent more on real earthen lamps or diyas. The Diwali Diya signify the extraction of darkness and self-realization. Further, Diyas also symbolize knowledge. The knowledge of Light that can wipe out the darkness. Diyas are common in India and Nepal and are used in many religious festivals by Hindu, Sikhs, and Jains, etc.


Types of Diwali Diyas


Here are the common five types of diyas which you may light on the day of Diwali 2017.


Clay Diyas




Clay Diyas are the most common and traditional types of oil lamps. Clay Diyas are used for many festivals including Diwali. These are the cheapest among all the earthen lamps. Clay diyas are decorated with dried flowers, mirror work and are painted with different colors to make them look Attractive and Beautiful.

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Matki Shaped Diyas


Matki Shaped Diyas are also natural in festival season and especially during Diwali occasion. From the name you can depict that it is in the shape of matki, it is filled with wax. These diyas are decorated with crystals, sparkles, and pearls and are painted with colors to make diyas more beautiful and attractive.

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Brass Diyas




Nowadays, Diyas made of brass is easily available in the market and are becoming equally common as clay diyas. There are a various variety of shapes in diyas made of brass. such as in brass lamps can have engraved Design with Handle, they are also available in the lamp structure with beautiful engraving and finishing. Some people also buy Brass Diyas as a showpiece.

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Hanging Diyas


Hanging Diyas are beautifully shaped and well-designed diyas. they can be filled with wax or they may be an oil diyas. Hanging diyas can be clay diyas but diyas made of brass are more common in this kind. You can hang anywhere in your home and add more charm in your Diwali Celebration. There are many designs in hanging diyas such as Ganesha Wall Hanging Puja Idol With Diyas And Bells and Peacock idol with Hanging Diyas with bells under the diyas.

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Designer Handmade Diyas




Designer Diyas is an artwork in itself. These Diyas are beautifully crafted with hands are available in various shapes and unique designs. They are mainly filled with wax. Some of the diyas are designed to float on the surface of the water. These kind of diyas are gaining popularity year after year.

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Diwali Decoration Ideas


Here are few ideas which you can use to decorate your home with beautiful diyas and add a charm to your House.


Shining or Blazing Colors – Diyas looks very attractive when they are well in shape and are painted in bright colors. These colors make them more beautiful and pleasant. There are many colors which look good on diyas such as Gold, Red, Silver, Green, Saffron, etc.


You can add sparkles on it or add some artificial pearls to add more charm in your Diwali 2017 Decoration.


Beautiful Art – A Fantastic idea to design or decorate your diyas is to create religious symbols on it such as “Swastika”, “Shubh Labh” or “Om” on them. You can also use sparkles/Glitters on diyas, artificial pearl, seashells or mirror work to make it more beautiful. There are also many carved or engraved diyas available on market made of brass or iron.


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