Do’s and Don’ts to please Goddess Lakshmi this Diwali 2017

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Mahalakshmi is a Goddess of wealth, love, and Beauty. Many people worship Goddess for wealth and prosperity especially on Diwali 2017. But it’s not easy to please Goddess because she is considered as Chanchal means who does not stay permanently at a place. We are going to tell you some easy and simple rituals which make her stay longer to your home.



1. Cleanliness:




Mahalakshmi loves cleanliness. So, never make your home or your surroundings untidy. Remove all the clutter from your home. Make your home neat and clean.



2. Wake up early:




You shouldn’t sleep after sunrise. Always get up early in the morning. Sleeping during sunset is also a very bad habit. You can only sleep after the sunsets especially on “Diwali 2017“.



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3. Respect women:




Always respect your wife. Never show any disrespect towards her, she is Grih Lakshmi (Laxmi of home). If she would be happy Dhan Laxmi will be happy.



4. Peaceful house:




Goddess Laxmi likes peace and harmony. So, always make peaceful environment at home. If there are disputes in family, frustration or anger. Maa Lakshmi never stays in that home.



5. Respect elders:




Always respect your elders. Never disrespect your parents.



6. Prayers:




In this era, people stop lighting oil lamps in the entrance of their house. In the ancient times, people light earthen lamps in the entrance of their house, or next to the Tulsi plant and ensure that Laxmiji always stays in their house. Devi Laxmi leaves that house which doesn’t perform prayers. Do morning and evening prayers with your family every day and on “Diwali 2017”. Always light an earthen oil lamp in the morning and evening. This will make Goddess Lakshmi happy.


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7. Perform Arti:




Perform Aarti with your entire family in a very peaceful manner. Goddess Laxmi dislikes loud noises. Always keep the environment of your house peaceful. Do not clap hands while performing Aarti for Goddess Lakshmi. Instead of clapping you can simply use a small bell during Aarti.



8. Worship of Lord Vishnu:




During Lakshmi puja always worship Lord Vishnu. Inviting Goddess Laxmi also ensures the entry of Lord Vishnu because they are inseparable. Their blessings washed off all the sins and prevail prosperity.

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